Papa Tom's Treasures

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There are two things I believe: we must begin from where we are, and we get ahead more quickly when we use the resources we have available. 

I was able to get a property with high visibility that is zoned for commercial use. The previous owner ran a construction company out of a small office, which means it is mostly parking lot. It's highly visible, but it's not in a ritzy part of town. It is both convenient and modest. 

I obtained a business license at the beginning of the year, so it is time to get going. I am starting with what I have, but I am moving toward what I want.

My first big purge is to liquidate things left over from yard sales, and excessive accumulations over the years. There are amazing deals on the "Dollar or less" table. Everything on it is $1, and that dollar includes the sales tax. If you get five things, you get them for $4. If you get ten things, the price is $7 with each additional item 70 cents. Those prices also include the sales tax.

Linda has been looking at the table saying we could get a lot more for these items. I know we can, but we have things to liquidate and the best way to liquidate it is to sell it for less than it is worth! You will be happy you made the trip out here when you see what is on the table! I call these my projects, but they can be your projects.

In addition to sorting through liquidation items, I am also finding old collections and projects. I am making some of those available as I find them. Most of those are vintage items that have caught my eye along the way that are not usable as they are, but would have artistic or collector value.

I also have some really cool things that I must finally admit I have no place to use, or no longer want to use. Those are available, too, and they are priced below market. That price, though is "out the door." Some of these things can be seen on my OfferUp page.

As with the "Dollar or less" table, all the prices include sales tax. You're still paying sales tax. I call it "out the door" pricing, and it works like this: if I sell you something for $100, you are paying $90.99 for the item, and $9.01 sales tax. It makes it easier for me to count change, and the state still gets its cut. It works, but you need to know how it works. It actually works really well for consumers. Usually a $100 item costs $109.90 in this neighborhood!

I am also preparing items for mail order. When I have them set, I will put up the links, and then you won't have to live nearby! If you do live nearby, though, stop in to see the "Dollar or less" table and what else is for sale, or just to say hi. 

If you're a local artist, check this out!