Papa Tom's Treasures

One of my friends who is an artist was visiting to check out what I have for location, and listening to me jabber about my vision, asked me if I am trying to start an art gallery. I told him I envision it as something like a ghetto art gallery and farmer's market.

I have a highly visible location, and I will be promoting artists and events. You can be the featured artist for a day, or you can run an event and sell your finished art! This is available for artists promoting their own businesses or stores, too!

If you are local, I want to work with you.

If you do not have a business license, we will treat it as consignment and run sales through Papa Tom's Treasures. If you do have a business license, I will lease you the space for one or two days.

I am less interested in whether the art is painting, woodworking, tie dye, or batik, than I am that it is something artistically produced and you have enough pieces to sell to make it worth our time.

Craft making and creative repurposing count as art!

Take a day to promote yourself, or maybe even two!

Here's how it works for me: your art essentially becomes part of my inventory for your feature day. People who come to see my wares will see your art, and people who come to see your art will see what I have to offer.

We both win!

Please contact me to see what we can work out!